Is OKTOBERFESTSHANGHAI.COM organizing the events listed on this site?
No, this website just provides an easy overview of selected major Oktoberfest events in Shanghai. So for any questions or inquiries about a specific Oktoberfest event please contact the organizers directly via their listed phone numbers.

Why are some Oktoberfests starting before or after October?
In fact at the end of the 19th century the start of the original Munich Oktoberfest was changed to September as the Bavarians, according to their lunar calendar, deemed the mild weather of the Indian Summer ("Altweibersommer") more appropriate for their festivities. In Shanghai you will find Oktoberfest events as early as August until as late as November.

What should I wear for the Oktoberfest? Is there a dresscode?
The Oktoberfest is a casual event, so leave your suit in the closet and slip into something comfortable. A pair of Jeans combined with a casual, collared shirt would be just fine. For maximum authenticity don your Bavarian Lederhosen or Dirndl which you can also get off Taobao for cheap.

Is the Oktoberfest a sit-down dinner or can I just come by for some beers?
This depends on the organizer a bit so check their respective websites for details. Most Oktoberfest events offer pre-reserved packages including dinner, drinks and entertainment for an all-in price. For maximum fun it is recommended to come in groups.

What about some useful Bavarian Oktoberfest slang?
Prost! [prohst] - Cheers!
Oans, zwoa, g'suffa! [ouns zwoua gsuff-ah] - Drink up!
A Bier, bittsche [aah beer bee-che] - One beer, please
Hawedere [hah-weh-thee-ere] - Nice meeting you
Danke [dahng-ke] - Thank you
Bapp'n! [bah-bbn] - Shut up!

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